Eneza Fund Bid: 102.320200 Ask: 106.031295  Hazina Fund Bid: 122.329900 Ask: 126.766736  Hisa Fund Bid: 109.595700 Ask: 113.570674 Iman Fund Bid: 97.783600 Ask: 98.771313  Hela Fund  Daily Annual Yield: 0.626% Effective Annual Yield: %

Daily Unit Trust Prices



Please note that past performance is no indication of future results and that investing in a unit trust scheme constitutes a risk for your invested capital. This document does not constitute a distribution recommending the purchase or sale of any security or portfolio. Please be advised that the Genghis Capital Unit Trust Information Memorandum contains all information necessary to evaluate our unit trust and should be read before investing. We recommend that you consult your own independent financial advisor to obtain professional advice before exercising any decisions based on the information present in this document. 


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