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Daily Unit Trust Prices

Unit Trust Education

Unit trust investing is a convenient and sensible way to build one's wealth in the medium and long term. Investment specialists will manage the investments and spread the risks through careful diversification. There are eight principles which are helpful to you in making a wise decision in unit trust investing.


PRINCIPLE 1: Know the Basics

What Is A Unit Trust And How Does It Work?

A unit trust is a professionally managed investment fund which pools together the money of investors who have similar objectives. The total sum is then invested in a diversified investment portfolio comprising stocks,

 bonds and other assets in accordance with a fund's investment objective. The unit price of a fund is its net asset value (NAV), derived from its assets less its liabilities and divided by its total number of units. Unlike stocks, whose prices are changed at each trade, a fund's NAV is based on the closing prices of the stocks in its portfolio on each trading day.

To protect your rights and interests, an independent trustee will ensure that the unit trust fund manager like us complies with the requirements of the deed, Capital Markets Authority and Central Bank regulations.


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