Eneza Fund Bid: 102.320200 Ask: 106.031295  Hazina Fund Bid: 122.329900 Ask: 126.766736  Hisa Fund Bid: 109.595700 Ask: 113.570674 Iman Fund Bid: 97.783600 Ask: 98.771313  Hela Fund  Daily Annual Yield: 0.626% Effective Annual Yield: %

Daily Unit Trust Prices

Who We Are

The Genghis Capital Unit Trust Fund is a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) which was approved by the Kenyan regulator, the Capital Market Authoriy (CMA), in December 2011.

The fund is an umbrella which currently runs five sub-funds: the GenCap Hela Fund - Money Market Investments, the GenCap Eneza Fund - Diversified Investments, the GenCap Iman Fund - Shari'ah-compliant Investments, the GenCap Hazina Fund - Bond Investments, and the Gen Cap Hisa Fund - Equity Investments.

The sponsor of this Unit Trust Funds is Genghis Capital Limited, a registered stock broker and member of the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

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